Newsletter 2022:10

October 20, 2022
It’s Been a Long Time!
So, I will ask four questions:
  1. How about having an in-person meeting (we could have zoom also) in London in March? let me know if you can come. I expect to be in London then to give a talk at the Royal Statistical Society (one planned for 2020 but cancelled for COVID).
  2. The NHS turns 75 on 5 July 2023: how can we celebrate that and bring in Nightingale as the person who first articulated its principles (not the centralized organization, but access to quality care on the basis of need, not ability to pay, and stress on health promotion and disease prevention)
  3. How can we use 2023 to promote Kofoworola Abeni Pratt, the first black nurse in the NHS also the first black nurse at the Nightingale School, which she chose because she was inspired by Nightingale. David Green, director of the FN Museum , does what he/it can do to make Pratt known.
  4. Do you know of other in-person meetings where we might connect? Anyone giving a paper/talk at something relevant?
Lynn McDonald