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Partners 2020 Planning Meeting

Held Nov. 12 2018 in London at the Wellcome Trust. Eileen Magnello (our link to the Royal Statistical Society) and Lynn McDonald (by telephone) took part. Partners reported on their plans for 2020, and some are TERRIFIC! Deva Marie Beck reported for NIGH (Nightingale Initiative for Global Health) on a feature film, well along in planning. NIGH material shows the relevance of Nightingale to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Museums are planning major exhibits and travelling exhibits to other cities. The University of Nottingham project reported on plans for schools outreach in the Midlands, and possibly a film on Nightingale’s homecoming after the Crimean War. The British Library will exhibit Nightingale artifacts throughout 2020.

• See the link to the report for more details.