Online and downloadable background papers, leaflets, and books appear here. Feel free to use the material, print it and take it to classes and conferences, referencing the source.

The bold links are for online reading, while the other links are for downloading PDF versions of the same (in either letter or A4 format).

1. Who was Florence Nightingale and why does she matter now?
PDF downloads: 1-why-nightingale-matters-today.pdf (letter, 2 pages) | 1-why-nightingale-matters-today-a4.pdf
2. Florence Nightingale, American Nursing and Health Care
PDF downloads: 2-nightingale-and-us-health-care.pdf (letter, 3 pages) | 2-nightingale-and-us-health-care-a4.pdf (A4, 3 pages)
3. Who Was Florence Nightingale and What Did She Do for Scotland?
PDF downloads: 3-nightingale-and-scottish-healthcare.pdf (letter, 2 pages) | 3-nightingale-and-scottish-healthcare-a4.pdf (A4, 2 pages)
4. Florence Nightingale, the National Health Service and Universal Health Care
PDF downloads: 4-nightingale-and-the-nhs.pdf (letter, 2 pages) | 4-nightingale-and-the-nhs-a4.pdf (A4, 2 pages)
5. Nightingale’s Way with Words
PDF downloads: 5-nightingale-way-with-words.pdf (letter, 2 pages) | 5-nightingale-way-with-words-a4.pdf (A4, 2 pages)
6. Florence Nightingale: Did You Know?
PDF downloads: 6-nightingale-did-you-know-letter (letter, 2 pages) | 6-nightingale-did-you-know-A4 (A4, 2 pages)
7. Florence Nightingale, Gender Issues, and Nursing
[online only]
8. Kofoworola Abeni Pratt: The First Black Nurse in the NHS and Major Founder of Nursing in Nigeria
[online only]
9. Mary Seacole: Myths in the making of the nursing profession
PDF downloads: 9-seacole notes-letter (letter, 6 pages) | 9-seacole notes-A4 (A4, 6 pages)